There exists a huge chasm between Christian and Jewish beliefs, and unfortunately there are misunderstandings on both sides concerning major divisive issues. The purpose of this series of studies is to address popular questions that both sides ask, and to attempt to clear up some of these misunderstandings.

It is not my purpose to proselytize Jews, neither am I a "missionary". The Lord commanded me to create this section of the site to teach His people, and what I have put here is by His command.

If you are offended, if you feel that what I have put here is wrong, or just have questions, please feel free to E-mail me, and talk to me. However, as I will be using the Tenach (Bible) as a reference for these studies, please base your arguments from the Tenach also.

I will also be drawing heavily from the B'rit Hadashah (the New Covenant, or New Testament) in order to prove my points also.

Some who read this have never read the B'rit Hadashah before, and some refuse to read it for reasons of their own. But to these people, I ask this:

What if what is written in the B'rit Hadashah is the truth? You have nothing to lose by reading it, and then, and ONLY then, can you fairly determine for yourself as to whether it is indeed the Word of God, or not.

I hope you don't vote for politicians based solely on what others say about them. I would hope you would carefully consider what they have to say, then make your own decisions based on their words. The same must be done with the B'rit Hadashah.

Like the Tenach, it claims to be God's Word, and if you refuse to read it, you may very well be rejecting God's Word to you. And if you read it and then refuse to believe that it is God's written Word, you can stay with the Tenach. But at least give it a chance.

And may God of Israel bless your search for the truth, and may He open your eyes to the truth of what is written here.


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