The second book of Moses called EXODUS

The Greek title "Exodus" means "Exit", "Departure", or "Going out".

The Hebrew title "We'elleh Shemoth" means "Now these are the names,"

The Jewish Bible title "Sh'mot" ("Shemot") means "Names"

Exodus records the birth of Israel as a nation. During their 430 year stay in Egypt the Israelites had quickly multiplied, so that by the time of the Exodus from Egypt it is estimated that the Israelites numbered at least 2-3 million people.

The Book of Exodus also records their brutal slavery under the tyrannical Pharaohs, and their miraculous release after God brought about a series of plagues and disasters upon Egypt that caused Pharaoh to expel them from Egypt. He also showed them that their gods were nothing compared to the living God of Israel in the fact that their gods were helpless to stop God from performing His works in the land.

The Book of Exodus faithfully records the destruction of Pharaoh's armies in the Red Sea and the journeys of Israel from Egypt to Jebel 'al Laws (Arabic for the Mountain of the Law) in Saudi Arabia (ancient Midian), the location of the REAL Mount Sinai. There Moses received the Ten Commandments and the rest of the laws set down by God for living and worship.

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