The first book of the 12 historical books of the Bible known as


The Hebrew title is "Yehoshua" or "Y'hoshua"

Moses changed his name from Hoshea (also Hosea) meaning "Salvation" (Numbers 13:16) to Yehoshua "Jehovah is salvation". Yeshua is a shortened form of Yehoshua.

The Greek Septuagint title of the book is "Iesous Naus" or "Joshua the son of Nun" The Greek equivalent of Yeshua is Iesous (Jesus).

The Latin Vulgate title "Liber Josue" means "The book of Joshua"

This book forges a link between the Torah (Pentateuch) and the remainder of Israel's history.

Through 3 major military campaigns involving more than 30 enemy armies, the Israelites learned a crucial lesson......

Victory through faith in God and obedience to His Word, rather than through military might or superior numbers.

May we all remember that today!

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